The Solitary Sojourner: An Ode to Peter Liew

what barmy rheum beckons the doe-eyed pilgrim
rustled in sleepy daze from down-feathered white sheets
into an open blanket of darkness
uneasy easel defying the slight breeze, cold
awaiting the curtain call of light!

the dropping dew on the grass blades squeak no protest
the wrinkled ground groans with a guttural yawn
bestirred, unstirred
soft squelchy, splochy sallies
and the muffled mumbles of croaks, and gurgles and rustles

morning has broken
on peter liew's coy canvas

light lifts the baton of the rites of a new day
the farm-field awash in a fresh chlorophyll of emerald
cloisonned with flowers tilting heads with curiosity
and streams studded with running rhinestones
as the distant hills fidget, stoic with a colic disdain
what, a scintillating sonic splendour!

cuts and chops and criss-crosses
the palette knife carves, cavorts, cajoles, caresses, careens
dancing to the shifting lights and subtle shades
thick with lathers of deep and light emotions
with eddies of chameleon colours, cooked and coaxed, curdled and curried
into a rapturous rhapsody
a celebration without from within, and within from without
sometimes a reverie, sometimes an orgy
a sculptured garden on the canvas

on peter liew's canvas
myriad magical patterns form shimmering images
elusive light peeking from cretaceous crevasses
the crystalline crispy air entombed
all gift-wrapped gently in an amorphous membrane

on the canvas of life

by Ooi Kok Chuen


Peter Liew's Biography


1955 Born in Perak, Malaysia
1976 - 1979 Diploma in Fine Art - Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)
1981 - 1994 Lecturer of Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)


1981 - 1992 Judge in numerous art competitions
1994 Visiting art galleries and museums in ASEAN countries, China, Taiwan and European countries, exchanging views on art with renowned artist
1997 Panel judge in ‘Malaysia Indah’ Art Exhibitions National Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara)
1999 Art & Cultural Exchange Programme to Beijing, China sponsored by Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board
2000 16th International Art Colony
Debrca – Belchista, Macedonia

Solo Exhibition

1981 First One Man Show – “Outdoor Painting” Exhibition
Artist House Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
1997 Maybank Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
2002 Skopje (Republic of Macedonia), Museum of the City of Skopje

Group Exhibition

1978 Art 78, Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur
The Group of Seven, Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
1978 - 1993 National Art Gallery, Annual Art Exhibitions, Kuala Lumpur
1979 The 20 Men Outdoor Painting Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur
1982 - 1993 Overseas art exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong & Singapore
1997 - 1999 Christie’s Auction Show, Singapore
1988 Art for Nature 1988, NN Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
1999 China / Malaysian Artist Cultural Exchange Exhibition Beijing, China
2000 16th International Art Colony
Debrca – Belchista, Macedonia
2001 Impression of America
2002 - 2008 New Expression of Asian Art Exhibition
Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, China & Thailand

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